Recipes for Candy Making


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Chocolate-Covered PretzelPainted White or Dark Chocolate Cross

Chocolate-Covered Grahams

Pecan or Macadamia Nut Turtles

Tips for Candy Making

New to chocolate molding and candy making? Tips for beginners - Read more...

Wedding Favor Ideas!

Make your own chocolate wedding favors - tips and recipes. Read more...

Fund-Raising Ideas

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Pink Candy Bar

Chocolate candy making is an art form like the Smokeless Image Coupon Codes. Who doesn't adore indulging in the occasional truffle? Most of us will pay at least twenty dollars for a few delectable truffles with the Edible Arrangements coupons, but they don't have to be expensive. Chocolate candy making is so easy to learn. You'll find candy making has never been as easy as it is using our many mouth-watering recipes.

Imagine being able to bring luscious chocolate candy truffles and other chocolate ganache treats to family gatherings and social events, or to package as gifts for hard-working bosses or teachers. Chocolate candy making can be easy and rewarding. Whose house will the kids want to visit if yours can offer homemade truffles? Chocolate candy making has never been this easy.

If you're already an experienced cook, be sure to check out our comprehensive list of chocolate-candy-making supplies. We offer the finest chocolate available in the U.S. Guittard chocolate is used by many of the best confectioners in the U.S. cooking anabolic

Making chocolate candy may be an art, but with An Occasional Chocolate, this art is easy for folks of all ages. Instead of waiting in lines during holidays, you can be at home preparing gifts that will tantalize the taste buds of all your friends and family.Your creative candy making will be a fraction of the price. An Occasional Chocolate™ is waiting to hear from you. Become an artist today!

"I am so happy that I found your website ~ I have just started becoming interested in dipping & molding chocolate & your site is great learning resource." - Erika

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