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Chocolate Covered Graham CrackerHow to Make a Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker

Making Chocolate Covered Graham Crackers

Ever walk into Starbucks and see those over-priced chocolate covered graham crackers? Mmmmmm! They are so easy to make and really fun to give as a gift. Follow this simple recipe!

Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker Recipe


Easy but fun!

I use the regular graham crackers for this gift, but it can be tasty with the chocolate grahams crackers.

Melt Guittard molding chocolate in 30-second intervals to avoid scorching.

Dip grahams crackers in chocolate using the dipping tool.

For fun, add a sugar layon to your chocolate graham cracker while it is wet.

Needed for about 24 grahams: 2 bags of dark chocolate.

Chocolate Covered Graham CrackerFill small painter squeeze bottle with white chocolate. Or color the white chocolate with a little bit of red to make pink for the 'brown and pink' look.

Place finished chocolate covered graham cracker in the graham bag and tie bows using wired ribbon and curling ribbon for best results. Don't forget to use the best quality ingredients for these chocolate covered graham cracker.


These make a great fundraiser!

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