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Dipped Oreo Cookie Chocolate SuckersHow to Make Dipped Oreo Cookie Suckers

Dipped Oreo Cookies Suckers: How to Make them with White or Milk Chocolate and Decorations

To make your dipped Oreo cookie chocolate suckers: Dust off Oreo cookie. (The extra crumbs make for a big mess when dipping.)

Melt Guittard's chocolate in 30 second intervals to avoid scorching. If desired, add strawberry or other flavoring oil to enhance flavor.

Open Oreo cookie carefully. Dip sucker stick into melted chocolate to use as a glue. Gently press into the cookie filling and place the 2 Oreo cookie parts back together. Let the 'glue' dry for 2 minutes.

Dipped Oreo Cookie Chocolate SuckersDip Oreo cookie into chocolate, being careful not to get any chocolate onto the stick. Place dipped Oreo cookie onto wax paper to cool in the refrigerator. While still wet, add the icing layon. Place finished cookie in the cookie bag and tie bows using wired ribbon and curling ribbon for best results.


For red and green cookie:

Follow the directions above except add red or green candy coloring to Guittards white chocolate and use the candy painting bottle to make decorations.



Shopping list 20 milk chocolate dipped Oreo suckers:

1 bag - Guittard milk chocolate 12oz
1 bag - Sucker sticks
2 sets - Sugar layons
1 set - Oreo sucker bags
1 bag - Oreo cookies

These make a great fundraiser!

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