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Dipped PretzelMake a Chocolate Dipped Pretzel

Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Recipe with Edible Decorations

These chocolate dipped pretzels are easy and fun!

I use the long pretzels for this recipe. Melt Guittard molding chocolate in 30-second intervals to avoid scorching.

Place melted chocolate into a tall cup. Dip pretzel into the chocolate and roll around to get the desired effect. Sprinkle with sequins.

Place finished pretzel in the spoon size bag. Tie bows using wired ribbon and curling ribbon for best results.

Needed for about 20 pretzels: 1 bag of milk chocolate.

Recipe for colored chocolate dipped pretzel:

Follow the directions above except add candy coloring to Guittards white chocolate and use the candy painting bottle to make decorations.

Also try our caramel - chocolate dipped pretzel.

These make a great fundraiser!

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