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Chocolate TrufflesCheap and Fun Chocolate Fundraiser Ideas

Great for schools, churches, youth groups, sports, nonprofit organizations and more!

Here is the list of items (listed first are the hottest sellers) that we have offered at some of our local fundraisers. Of course, use your imagination!

Pricing - When pricing your items, consider your clientele.  In fine candy shops these items go for much higher than the prices below. If your market will stand items that are a little more pricey, then by all means, raise your price!

Pecan TurtlePecan Turtles (see recipe)
Needed for about 30 turtles: 1 pound bulk caramel, 1 bag Guittard molding milk chocolate, pecans, 2 sets of turtle bags and ribbon, squeeze bottle.
2 Turtles cost about $1.50 to make, and we sold these for $6.00.


Dipped Oreo CookieDipped Oreo Cookie (see recipe)
Needed for about 20 suckers: 1 bag of milk, white, or dark Guittard molding chocolate, sugar layons, or edible decorations, 1 set of Oreo sucker bags, 1 set of sucker sticks, a large bag of Oreos (need extra because they break easily) and ribbon.
1 Oreo Sucker Stick costs about $.75 to make and sells for $2.00.


Chocolate TrufflesBox of 4 Truffles (see recipe)
Needed for 40 truffles:  3 bags of dark chocolate, 1 bag of white chocolate or edible decorations, Madagascar vanilla, painter bottle, oil-based flavoring so you can offer different flavors, truffle scoop, dipping tool, and 10 clear oval boxes for a high visual display, and ribbon.
4 truffles and box with ribbon and grass filling costs about $3.50 to make and sells for $8.00. Place truffles in a single box, a triple truffle box, or a clear oval box that holds 4 truffles.

Chocolate Covered Graham CrackerDark Chocolate Graham (see recipe)
Needed for about 24 grahams: 2 bags of dark chocolate, candy decorations, dipping tool, 2 sets of graham bags, painter bottle, 1 bag of white chocolate and ribbon.
2 grahams cost about $.75 cents to make and sell for $3.00.


Chocolate Dipped SpoonMocha Spoon (see recipe)
Needed for about 25 mocha spoons: 1 bag of milk or dark chocolate, 2 sets of sugar layons, flavoring to enhance the chocolate - (very important with these - Offer different flavors, sell more spoons!) These make beautiful gifts! Needed for spoons:mocha spoon mold, mocha spoon handles and mocha spoon bags (2 sets) and ribbon.
A mocha spoon costs around $.75 cents to make them and sells for $2.25.

Chocolate Dipped PretzelDipped Pretzel Rod (see recipe)
Needed for  about 20 pretzels: 1 bag of milk, dark or white Guittard molding chocolate, edible decorations, pretzel rods, mocha spoon bags and ribbon.
A pretzel rod costs about $.65 cents to make and sells for about $2.00.

A Note about Fundraisers

By Cheryl Sandberg

Cheryl Sandberg

I've done several fundraisers for churches and schools and they can be really fun and profitable.  We found that chocolate sells like hot cakes! People can't get enough of it, especially when they are as beautiful as the truffles, as fun as the Oreo cookie sucker sticks, or as elegant as the mocha spoons.

Ideas for selling chocolate:
1) Make the items ahead of time and have them ready for people to take home with them right away! I find you sell more chocolate this way. People see those incredible truffles or Oreos and they just can't live without them! They are so shiny and look so inviting, I bet they won't make it home without eating one.  It can be difficult to gauge how much to make ahead of time to avoid getting stuck with what is left over.  This option works well if you are able to sell the items at a few different functions so you can restock if you need to.

2) Make an order form and take some orders!  We have taken pictures of all the items that we make on the Web site and have them in high resolution. They are free for your use with your fundraiser order. These pictures, of course, will look better in color.  While taking orders, you can have samples for people to look at. This is a great way to send the order form home for parents to order through the school. They have color photographs to look at!  You can get some ideas from our sample order form from one of our fundraisers.

Throw together a few volunteers, and practice if you have never done a fundraiser like this before. If you need extra ideas and help (more than listed here) let us know! We'll help with questions as much as possible.

When making chocolate candies, it can be overwhelming to offer too many products to sell in your fundraiser.  I recommend  choosing 4-5 items and offering only those. Whether you are making the items yourself, or asking for help, it takes much less brain power to work with a few products than many.

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