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Guittard Chocolate Chunks

Guittard's Fine French Chocolate

Guittard Chocolate has Fair Trade Chocolate

Guittard: One of America's oldest & most esteemed chocolate companies.

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Award-winning artisan chocolate treasured by many of the world’s leading confectionary shops. Read reviews.

How do you choose what kind of chocolate you need?

Guittard Gourmet Bulk Chocolate BarGuittard Gourmet Bulk Chocolate Bar

Sold from our sister store,

10 pound bulk bars for candy making is perfect for candy making. This is luxury gourmet Artisan Guittard chocolate at its finest. Shipped separately from one of our affiliates Sept 15 - May 15 only. Buy in bulk to save money. This chocolate requires tempering if you want to use it in molds. Choose from 4 different flavors: Old Dutch Milk - 30% cocoa content, French Vanilla Semi-Sweet Dark - 54% cocoa content, Gourmet Bittersweet- 63% cocoa content and High Sierra White. Gluten free.

Guittard Gourmet Bulk Chocolate Bar


Where on Earth did chocolate and the chocolate craze come from? Read all about the history of chocolate and where it comes from.

The Guittard Chocolate company has been around for many years and competes with the best of them! We chose Guittard chocolate because of it's fine quality, incredible taste and its work with Fair Trade.

Fair Trade - World Cocoa Foundation

Guittard's owner states: "We work directly with farmers around the world. We are members of the World Cocoa Foundation whose aim is to foster sustainable cocoa farming throughout the world."

Fair Trade"We also work with the Fair Trade folks in regards to raising the quality of cocoa farming techniques. We also purchase Fair Trade cocoa and use it in some of our products. But since we use a blend of cocoa for many of our products, we are not able to use them exclusively."

“We are committed to raising the quality of life for cocoa farmers throughout the world and sustainability and inclusion of other rainforest crops is key to achieving this goal. Thanks for your concern and please consider a donation to the World Cocoa Foundation to become directly involved yourself."

Although Guittard is a Fair Trade sensitive company, we are still working on becoming full fair trade, and at this time our chocolate likely contains some other cocoa.

How To Melt Chocolate

MicrowaveMelting - Microwave Guittard's molding chocolate in 30 second intervals using microwave safe bowls, stirring in-between to distribute the heat, in order to avoid scorching the chocolate. Keep chocolate at a constant temperature to produce a smooth professional look. You can purchase a griddle, or use your stove top and frying pan. Lay two towels on the pan or griddle before placing the chocolate filled plastic bowl.

For more tips see our molding tips How-To page.

A Note About Chocolate

By Cheryl Sandberg

Cheryl Sandberg I'm a big fan of chocolate. Who isn't? Well, who among the people visiting my web site and learning how to make chocolate isn't? (grin)

Before I started in this line of business, I ate a lot of chocolate. It seems funny now, but I actually don't eat as much chocolate as I did before. Do you think I'm sick of it because I work with it so much? HECK NO! I truly believe the answer is in the quality. At Easter time have you ever eaten those fakey waxy awful Easter eggs and been utterly disappointed? Ever eaten a chocolate from the grocery store and went away feeling a little robbed? Compare that to going to a gourmet chocolate candy store and buying one of their expensive truffles or turtles. Mmmmmm. Satisfying.

When I relized that I began on a quest to find the BEST chocolate I could find. Guittard's is a fine French chocolate made with only THE best ingredients. I can tell right away if what I am eating isn't Guittard's own. I can even smell the difference. Most people of course won't know what kind of chocolate you are using. They will, of course, know for sure that the taste is either mediocre or excellent. You are giving a gift, the gift of chocolate that almost everyone adores.

Don't skimp on the main ingredient. I wholeheartedly recommend Guittard's chocolate!

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