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Make Chocolate Leaves How To

How to Make Chocolate Leaves

A guide to making chocolate leaves for cakes and candies

How to make those beautiful chocolate leaves:

We want chocolate leaves that look real, just like the pro's make! Please be sure and choose leaves from a non-poisonous plant such as maple leaves, rose leaves or ivory leaves. We made our chocolate leaves here with rose leaves.

Wash and dry leaves thoroughly. Leave no water drops on the leaves, it will seize up your chocolate!

Melt some molding chocolate in 30 second intervals. You want to use the molding chocolate so that the leaves come out smooth and shiny without tempering.

How to Make Chocolate LeavesUsing a paint brush "paint" the chocolate onto the underside of each of your leaves, spreading the chocolate just to the edge. The chocolate layer should be no more than 1/8 inch thick. Don't make it too thin or you will be able to see through it a little, just as pictured above.

Place the chocolate leaves waxed paper-lined tray and chill the leaves in the refrigerator for 20 minutes or until set.

To remove the hardened chocolate from the leaves, start from the stem end and carefully peel the real leaf from the chocolate. Avoid handling the chocolate leaves as much as possible.

Cover loosely and store in the refrigerator away from odor. Use to decorate your favorite cake or candy.

Flavor your chocolate leaves with flavoring oil. Make green white chocolate leaves by using white chocolate and green candy coloring.



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