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5 Fall/Winter 2020 Accessories to Stay Fashionable This Pandemic

A few blinks, and before you know it, fall and winter are here. Although it’s still uncertain whether you’re going to have a fabulous time outdoors because of the pandemic, it doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and strut your stuff at least once in a while.

To make sure you’ll look your best while beating the cold and the virus, these are the 5 2020 fall/winter accessories must-haves:

1. Pop of Color for Accents

Fall and winter often usher neutral and monochrome colors (think of browns and whites), so why don’t you add a pop of color?

  • Rubber bracelets that remind you of summer (these are stackable too, so add as many layers as you like)
  • Neon or bright-orange socks
  • Golden loop earrings
  • Printed scarves and shawls

2. Printed Masks

Let’s face it. It’s unlikely that this virus will go away this year. And with the flu season on standby, it can be a double-whammy for you. The CDC strongly encourages everyone to wear a mask to reduce transmission significantly.

On the upside, everyday masks are getting better. Now, you can wear triple-ply cloth masks, which you can make. Usually, it is a combination of cotton and silk, which studies show are effective in regulating droplets.

Note: Fabric or cloth masks are great when you need to go outdoors. However, if you or someone you know is something symptoms, it’s best to use medical-grade ones like surgical masks. Remember that you need to complement those masks with social distancing and frequent handwashing.

3. Mini Bags

Since the virus is likely to stay on surfaces for some time, it might be best to carry fewer items when you go out whether to run errands or to go to the office. Ergo, purses, and mini bags are likely to hang around longer this year.

To amplify their style, opt for purses with fringes. Multi-chain purses are also in demand (as silver and gold chains are, in general, so fall/winter 2020, experts say).

Zipperless bucket bags and handbags with structured handles make excellent understated fashion statements. So do totes with faux leather, which are a lot easier to maintain.

4. Versatile Sunglasses

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When you can’t show off your lipstick this season, you can compensate that with a trendy pair of sunglasses. This year, you have a good amount of choices.

  • Classic styles never wear off, so if you have aviators around, then you’ve got a trendy accessory already.
  • Tiny-frame glasses are the perfect antithesis or the Jackie Os. They give a vintage vibe without overpowering your other accessories.
  • Flat-top glasses are also in. They sport uniform lenses for a more minimalist look.

5. Sassy Belts

Another way to upgrade your fall and winter look this pandemic is with a belt – the sassy kind. Wide ones are in and great when you want to emphasize your curves and silhouettes. Corset types are sexy.

You can also be flamboyant by choosing stone-laced belts or those adorned with brass that gives a Victorian Era vibe.

Fashion and function can always go together even when there’s a pandemic. For this year, mix and match these accessories and feel good throughout fall and winter.


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