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Five Practical Gift Ideas for Newborns and Their Parents

Thinking about what gifts to give to your friends that have become new parents can be a challenging feat. This is particularly more difficult if they don’t have a gift registry that you can just refer to. So if you need help coming up with a gift idea, then you’ve come to the right place.

However, try to stay away from the baby essentials because there’s a big chance that your friends are already targeting a specific model or brand for them. Instead, go with other useful items that you know your friends and their babies will enjoy too. Here are five gift ideas you can use if you’re drawing a blank:

1. Fun Storybooks

It’s never too early for kids to hear good stories. That’s why if you want to give your friends’ babies something they’ll grow up listening to, you can get them fun storybooks as gifts. Most children’s storybooks are timeless tales that can expand their imaginations and help them become creative, so it’s the perfect gift idea.

Plus, because storybooks can last a long time, the babies will still be able to use them when they’re old enough to read on their own. But until that time comes, the parents can do all the reading and ease their babies into a deep slumber with the help of your storybooks. The more colorful and brighter the books are, the better!

2. Snap Bibs

It’s no secret that babies can be messy, especially when they’re learning to eat on their own. While this can be a special time in their lives because they’re practicing their autonomy, it can be difficult to clean up after them, particularly if the food is staining all of their clothes. And there’s no harm in trying to make things easier for your friends.

That’s why you should give them snap bibs as your gift. It can be a huge plus if the bibs come with a catchall because the food babies drop often get on their clothes and onto the floors, which can be exhausting to clean up too. So, if you’re strapped for gift ideas, consider giving the new parents a few snap bibs for their little ones.

3. All-in-one Covers

All parents love things that can double as other things because this way, they won’t have to bring a lot of stuff when they’re on the move. That’s why giving your friends multi-use covers can be a good idea, especially if they travel with their babies often. These covers can be used for nursing, as a shopping cart lining, or even as an additional shade for their baby’s strollers.

And because it’s all-in-one, the parents can easily store the covers in their baby bag so that they can bring them wherever they go. This way, they won’t have to struggle to look for a secluded place to breastfeed their babies, not that they have to, but because maybe they’re uncomfortable doing it in a public setting.

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4. A Sound Machine

Babies can be very light sleepers at times, and it can be such a struggle when the slightest noises wake them up. It can be a blessing if the babies sleep through the night because then, the parents can have a few hours of uninterrupted sleep as well, which doesn’t come very often. But there’s a solution for this.

If you want to help your friends get some shuteye at night, you can give them a sound machine for their babies. These machines are designed to help babies sleep through the night by producing calming and soothing sounds, which can then overpower any noises that are happening outside their rooms. So, it’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

5. A Play Gym

The last gift idea on this list is a play gym, which can help babies grow during their early childhood development and encourage the idea of playing on their own. This can be a great gift because it provides an alternative to exposing babies to gadgets at such a young age, due largely to the fact that allowing them to watch shows is much more convenient.

But this can make the child dependent on technology despite them not knowing what it is or how it’s affecting their health. So, if you want to encourage your friends to keep their babies away from technology for as long as they can, consider giving them a play gym for their children.

Thinking about what gifts to give is a challenge in itself, but hopefully, these gift ideas can help you decide on what you’re going to give your friends. Try not to overthink this too much because either way, your friends are going to appreciate whatever you give them. But there’s no harm in making sure that it’s something they’re going to need, too.


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