How Your Relationship Can Survive a Global Pandemic

If you were in a relationship when the lockdown orders started to curb the rise of coronavirus cases across the country, you might fall into one of the two categories: stuck at home with your significant other or navigating a long-distance relationship.

Both of these scenarios have their challenges. After too much togetherness, you might notice annoying habits that you hadn’t before. A long-distance relationship can make it difficult to connect. Couple these issues with the fear and anxiety the pandemic brings and extreme stress, you might end up with a breakup.

If you don’t take care of your love life, it could buckle under pressure. Make sure that both you and your relationship survive the coronavirus by taking the following things to heart:

1. Be kind to yourself—and your partner

During a pandemic, you might feel like you’re not in control, especially concerning the health of your family. You might take this frustration and feelings of helplessness out on your partner, whether by snapping at or physically hurting them. This seems to be the case in different parts of the world as domestic abuse reports rise amid the pandemic. In some countries, divorce rates have also skyrocketed recently. Avoid this outcome by first being kind to yourself. When you’re more self-compassionate, you can be more accepting of your partners’ shortcomings.

2. Work with each other

Whenever you feel anxious about the future, take back control by developing plans. This is best done by working with your partner. If you’re together, plan how you’re going to manage grocery or pharmacy runs or create a schedule that will keep your children entertained, if you have any. If you and your partner are apart, put your heads together and brainstorm how you’re going to stay in touch or how you’ll manage your children’s educational needs. You and your partner can keep peace and trust when you’re working toward one goal.

couple laughing

3. Carve out some alone time

This applies both ways: making time for yourself and spending alone time with your partner. The former is especially important for couples who have been stuck at home together for the duration of the shelter-in-place orders. Giving each other breathing room can ease whatever tension might be mounting between you. The latter, meanwhile, is recommended if you and your partner are in a long-distance relationship. It can be difficult to connect when you have conflicting schedules, so carving out time from your day to talk and catch up with them can help.

4. Don’t be afraid to seek professional help

Not every couple is equipped to deal with relationship problems on their own. If you and your partner are this kind of couple, there’s no shame in seeking marriage or relationship counseling. If both of you still love each other but have cracks in your relationship, a professional can help you mend your relationship. You might realize that there’s more to your partnership than the challenges of a pandemic.

Don’t let the coronavirus take more from your life. Practice the techniques above and see your relationship survive a global pandemic.


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