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Men’s Hairstyles Throughout the Years That You Can Still Rock Today

During the time of Emperors, Kings, and Queens, a man’s haircut reflects a man’s social status, wealth, and power. And while different hairstyles may have evolved throughout the years, not much has changed when it comes to seeing a man with a fresh cut and new look. Various hairstyles have trended depending on each period, and just like fashion, some are even making an unexpected comeback. The next time an impulse strikes you to visit a men’s hair salon, here are a few unique hairstyle ideas from throughout the years to draw inspiration from:

Long and Shaggy Yet Stylish Haircut of Alexander The Great

Alexander The Great is one of the most popular personalities to ever sport this hairstyle. It’s difficult to oversee the Macedonian Empire while planning on which territory to conquer next, so styling his hair was the least of the great leader’s concerns. Instead of opting for a clean-cut, Alexander The Great sported his curls and went for a disheveled, shaggy look. This is a hairstyle still commonly seen for men with curly hair, and often the supposed messy look of their hair adds more charm to their overall style.

Slicked Back Hair from the Early 1920s

The perfectly parted strands of hair put neatly together by hair gel gives a fresh and clean look for the men in the 1920s. Although, this was also a period where most people refuse to leave the house without a hat on, so the hair was mostly covered and is a hairstyle specifically adjustable for using hats. This type of hairstyle is somehow still present in modern times, more specifically during formal events, and is commonly used by guys with thinner hair.

Wavy Undercut from 1975

When people think of men’s haircuts back in the 1970s, the typical long, shaggy, and spiky hairdo sported by a lot of rock musicians from an iconic musical decade come to mind, but a similar shorter cut was also quite popular. This is for men with faces that are slightly elongated and oval-shaped, and for men with natural curls and shorter hair. Most people would tell you today that any type of undercut would pass as acceptable in modern times. Still, this specific hairstyle is so unique it would only look good for some boys without being mistaken as an internet sensation.

The Mullet Hairstyle

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The mullet hairstyle was believed to gain attention during the late 1970s, but it was during the 1980s that its popularity took off. Several popular celebrities have sported a mullet and looked beautiful, and among those celebrities were Patrick Swayze, David Bowie, Rob Lowe, and Brad Pitt. This is also one of those hairstyles that could be worn by men in today’s modern age, but with confidence and unshakable commitment. Kim Taehyung, one of the singers of BTS, the biggest Korean pop group in the world right now, is one of the more recent celebrities to sport a mullet back in 2018, which consequently awakened a trend in the old hairstyle in the Korean Pop industry.

There still seems to have little change in the hairstyles for men throughout the years, and any hairstyles could still be worn. It only depends on how confident you are in wearing them and how much you know your style.

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