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Self-care and Beauty: How Men Can Focus More on Themselves

Who would have known people would live in an era of barbershops closing down and, consequently, their hair growing and unkempt for months? Truly, the pandemic piled up everyone’s grooming woes. But some got creative in meeting their needs. Below are some trends shaping men’s self-care this year and beyond.

Genderless Products

Grooming brands seemed to have come in sync with the rise of gender equality movements. As we approach an era that views beauty, among other things, as something that not women alone, but everyone can aspire to have, grooming and even fashion brands are producing more and more gender-neutral products.

So brace yourself for more options and perhaps dispel all your fear of judgment and discrimination for caring for yourself. Suppose you’ve been on the fence on using an exfoliator or even that razor to keep your hair in private parts at bay as it has always been marketed as “for the girls.” However, now is the time to jump into the more inclusive skincare bandwagon.


As the earth’s ozone continuously gets destroyed, the more harmful the sun’s rays penetrate the atmosphere and the higher the risk people can suffer heat-related illnesses, including melanomas or skin cancer. Gone are the days they wear sunscreen only when they feel like it. Bask in the glorious sunlight all you want. But be sure to stay safe while preventing premature skin aging. You can do this by adding a layer of SPF 50 sun cream on top of your usual skincare routine.

Aside from sunscreen with a high SPF, having a go-to cleanser and moisturizer are skincare essentials. While finding your holy grail products can be such a journey, don’t be afraid to try until you arrive at a combination that makes your skin feel best. As a rule of thumb, start little. When you find something that works, build on additional nutrient-based chemicals like retinol, serums, and exfoliators.

In 2020, society saw the rise in popularity of subscription boxes, whether snacks, pre-portioned meals, toys, fashion accessories, dog food, or even self-care stashes, usually to cater to the indecisive ones who want someone to curate only the best for them. Skincare is just one category under self-care you can subscribe monthly for. One major advantage of these boxes is a regular replenishment of your stash for a good price, which means fewer unplanned runs to the drugstore, major time and money savings there.

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Body inclusivity made the rounds online more intensely last year. Although people are not sure if it’s due to everyone’s lack of salon visits during the pandemic, it can be said that people have yet to fully love themselves. They have yet to fully embrace how unique they look, and this mass movement is a good start. Among the many things they were used to seeing as imperfections, body hair is perhaps one that almost all men share.

It’s sometimes confusing that you’re viewed as less manly when you’re on the less hairy side. But when you’re on the polar opposite of the spectrum, people are quick to label you a Sasquatch. So people should strongly cling to a “Do You” trend for hair, whether facial or body. Big beard, a regularly trimmed ‘stache, a clean trim, whichever you fancy, believe that you can pull it off no matter the season. You can even go with any hairstyle you wish, getting the right cut with the best hair cutting shears.

In the same manner, no one but you can dictate how you maintain your hair down there. So go the bushy route or dapper up as it suits you. Your hair serves a protective purpose, after all. But when you’ve been feeling a persistent discomfort due to the hair in your private parts being long, know that a little manscaping can do the trick. For this, you can use ergonomic scissors or a sharp razor. Dampen your hair first and keep your tool’s blades at a safe distance from your penile and scrotal areas.

Being Eco-conscious

Recent environmental devastation serves as a big wake-up call for mass manufacturers, urging more and more to switch to more sustainable and circular sourcing, production, and packaging. This call extends even to all of us who consume their products. Brands can use 100% recycled packaging and reduce carbon emissions by committing a reduction in factory utility usage. They can also source their raw ingredients from circular economies. With this, these companies are worth supporting.

Self-love is a theme that’s spilling over men’s lifestyles. Change ushers in a new era that accepts body diversity and breaks down unrealistic beauty standards. Such a positive trend should last for as long as it can.


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