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The Most Expensive Chocolates in the World

Every chocolate lover wants to sample chocolates all over the world. And while prices of chocolate can vary due to a number of factors, some chocolates are just so incredibly expensive that it may be difficult to taste them without the right budget.

So, unless you can afford to splurge, these 10 chocolates may just be out of reach to the everyday chocoholic.

Vosges Haut Chocolat

Price: starts at $90

The Chicago-based luxury chocolate brand has created some of the most unique flavors by mixing chocolate with unusual ingredients like bacon, ginger, wasabi, and other ingredients. Prices for their chocolates and truffles start at $90.

Amedei Porcelana by Amedei

Price: starts at $90

Named after the Venezuela-based porcelain-translucent color of cocoa beans used to make the chocolate, Amedei Porcelana chocolate has won many awards. It’s said to be the best dark chocolate bar in the market. One chocolate bar alone costs $90.

Grand Cru by Pierre Marcolini

Price: $102.50

Made by the popular Belgian chocolatier Pierre Marcolini, Grand Cru chocolates only use the best cocoa beans from Venezuela, Madagascar, Mexico, and Ecuador. These chocolates are meticulously prepared to ensure that chocolates are a whole new experience for those who taste it.


Price: starts at $111.70

Richart’s chocolates get their beans from the top cocoa growers from Venezuela, Madagascar, and Haiti. Expect chocolates of various varieties to give you a herbal, fruity, or even a floral combination.

The Aficionado’s Collection by The House of Grauer

Price: $210

Cocoa podsBased in Switzerland, the chocolates of The House of Grauer start at $210. Aside from its top-quality cocoa beans, their chocolates have up to 14 flavors featuring tastes from around the world. Choose between flavors like Japanese Matcha or French Bee Pollen to tickle your taste buds.

Amedei Toscano Black Truffles in Swarovski Chocolate Box

Price: $294 per box

Truffles are already-well known as an expensive treat, but even more when you get the Amedei Toscano Black truffles. These truffles are coated with Armand de Brignac champagne, sprinkled with edible gold, and decorated with Swarovski’s luxurious crystals. You can only buy these truffles at Harrods and London Department Store in Knightsbridge.

Chocolates with Edible Gold by DeLafee

Price: $508

The Switzerland company gets its cocoa beans from the top producers in Ecuador, ensuring their customers get nothing short of rich chocolate that melts in their mouth. These are them mixed with edible gold, providing a luxurious taste in every bite.

Le Grand Louis XVI by Debauve and Gallais

Price: $900

Debauve and Gallais have been operating since 1800, so of course their company would know a thing or two about chocolate. In fact, this chocolate company can boast the fact that it supplied French royalty with chocolates prior to the revolution. Its dark chocolate has a 99% cocoa content, making it incredibly rich and chocolatey.

Wispa Gold Chocolate by Cadbury

Price: $1,600

With all the expensive chocolates, you wouldn’t think that the popular chocolate company that sells $6 chocolate at your local Walmart would rank second on this list, let alone sell a chocolate bar that reaches the thousands in price. But aside from their everyday chocolate, Cadbury produces the Wispa Gold Chocolate, a chocolate bar wrapped in an edible gold leaf.

Chocopologie Chocolate Truffle by Fritz Knipschildt

Price: $2,600

Assorted chocolateAnd the most expensive chocolate on this list is a box of chocolate truffles from the Danish chef Fritz Knipschildt, who opened his own chocolate company Knipschildt Chocolatier in the late ’90s. His popular La Madeline Truffle consists of 70% Valrhona dark chocolate, vanilla, truffle oil, sugar, and heavy cream. These chocolates are made to order, so you can’t just walk into his store to purchase a box. And you can’t store these chocolates for as long as you can to savor every moment – you have to eat them within a week or purchase to ensure you’re eating it at the quality Knipschildt intended.


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