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Preparing Yourself for the Perfect Proposal

Many people dream of marriage proposals that completely take you by surprise. However, now and again, you get an intuitive feel or correctly read a hint from your partner, or a significant life event that makes you believe the “will you marry” will be met with a yes. Maybe you’ve already gone ring shopping with your partner or talked about your plans.

Despite this, you still don’t want to be anxious over the proposal- there’s always the chance that your intuition is not correct. Of course, the decision should come from both of you, even if it’s not a candid sit-down. But when you think that the time is right, you may want to take that opportunity to propose. But it would be best if you had a plan, and here’s how.

Prepare for a Plan the Proposal

Sometimes, “going with the flow” or “winging it” will only lead to failure. Occasionally, surprise proposals are sweet; they might come off as sloppy, rushed, or sometimes even out of place or time. Your significant other deserves better than that. Keep the ring until the moment is perfect, but plan out how you’ll propose, including what you’ll say when you’re down on one knee.

When it comes to rings, some couples like to choose one together after the proposal, while others would instead get a surprise ring that their partner picked out for them. Find out which option your significant other would appreciate the most and plan appropriately. The truth is, it’s simply in bad taste to propose with something as cheap as a plastic ring or a soda ring- even if romantic movies have made them popular.

Prepare the Ring Next

engagement ring

We’ve briefly touched on the aspect of the ring in the last point, but let’s focus on it for this one. Couples usually chat about marriage before proposing, so the proposal isn’t altogether unexpected. This can include deciding what kind of ring you should get, whether a braided diamond engagement ring or a silver and gold band ring. You have to keep in mind that she’ll be wearing this ring for life, so it’s best to be careful when deciding about it.

Walking into a store and purchasing an engagement or wedding ring is such a pedestrian task for the average person. After all, it’s not common knowledge what kind of rings there are or what metals work best for what occasions. These things aren’t exactly “common sense,” nor do they come in simple instructionals. Investigating what your partner would want to wear will make the whole situation easier (though the act of investigating isn’t exactly easy). It’ll save couples a lot of time and perhaps some anxiety when it comes to asking the question finally.

Prepare a Back Up Plan

Do not allow negative climate, horrible traffic, sudden distractions, uncoordinated surprise partners, or any unromantic occurrence to derail your romantic proposal plans! Keep a backup plan and even a contingency to your backup plan, just in case something happens during the day itself. Make a contingency plan for minor inconveniences such as your partner being held up because of traffic, having to attend late work, or even coming sooner than expected.

If you intend to pull off a particularly magnificent proposal, you need to prepare yourself mentally and physically- especially for any rescheduling that might occur. Perhaps you planned to pop the question on your yearly trip, but it got put off. Maybe you had planned to propose in a theme park that the both of you enjoy, but the trip was canceled due to inclement weather. Be ready to postpone or cancel your proposal if you want to find the right time and go beyond your partner’s expectations.

Finally, Talk About it Before.

This may sound simple, but make sure you’re both thinking about marriage before you start planning. You’ll be surprised by how many people tend to overlook this simple point. Discussing the future with your partner is critical as it will always play a critical role and even define the deciding factor. Tell them you want to marry one day and ask whether marriage is in their plans.

Do you have any reservations about this talk appearing too much like a proposal? Use your best friend’s recent engagement as a starting point to keep it broad. If it’s a difficult subject to breach, it might not be the right time. But that’s precisely what you need to know- whether it’s the right time or not.


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