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Wedding Dress Trends to Be Excited for this 2021

Bigger events may be canceled, but love does not have to be. If you and your partner are getting married this year, congratulations! Your relationship survived a pandemic and a recession, and now you’re ready to begin a new chapter together and start anew.

With the COVID-19 crisis changing the way we celebrate the biggest milestones of our lives, like marriage, we need to anticipate that there will be new trends. If you’re in the middle of brainstorming for your wedding dress design or picking the wedding dress shop to go to, here are some styles that are expected to trend this 2021.

Toned-down roaring ’20s

Economists and trend forecasters are projecting that we will have our own version of the roaring ’20s when the pandemic is over, and our fashion will reflect that trend. From silhouettes that skim the body to satin touches and crystal bows, the Great Gatsby-inspired dresses will take center stage in this year’s weddings.

Pretty prints

Adding prints to wedding dresses may have been a no-no in years past, but we live in abnormal times now, and 2021 is the best time to explore unconventional wedding dress styles. Remember when Angelina Jolie had her kids draw on her veil?

If that idea is way too unconventional, you can also go for the safer route—soft floral prints, blooming graphics, or even some smooth stripes. Designers like Alexis Mabille and Iris van Herpen also came out with elegantly-printed couture in their recent collections.

Simple and tailored

On the other hand, you can embody the past year’s atmosphere and simplicity by choosing a well-tailored and elegant design. Simple does not have to mean plain, and going for a design that does away with over-the-top details like beading, lace, and threadwork might allow you to express yourself in a way that makes you look clean, crisp, and sharp. This style is also perfect for brides who love sleek architectural lines and elements without frills.

Cool-toned pastels

The color blush or muted rose and champagne had their wedding moment the past few years, and now cool-toned pastels are making their rounds. From Oscar de la Renta to Vera Wang, there is no shortage of top-tier fashion designers leading the charge towards cool-toned evening gowns and couture. From the runway to the wedding aisle, this trend will surely make any bride stand out from the crowd.

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Short dresses

If you’re thinking of having a spring or summer wedding, a short dress might be for you. Short but chic wedding dresses look perfect during garden weddings. But ankle-length or midi wedding gowns shouldn’t be reserved for simpler and casual weddings; they can also work for traditionally formal weddings when styled right. As long as they’re well-tailored and paired with the right accessories, shorter wedding dresses can work for evening ceremonies, too.

Shimmer and sparkle

Reminiscent of the Gatsby trend, shimmer and sparkle will rise in popularity for brides this 2021. Nothing says glamour more than sequins, Swarovski crystals, and glitters. These sparkles will be used in different ways: From semi-sheer over-top dresses to over-all embellishments, these dresses will surely dazzle guests as the bride moves. Shimmering dresses will also be paired with more carefree and tousled hair and makeup looks.

Micro-wedding dress

If you want your wedding to embody everything that we went through in the past year, you can also opt for a simple micro-wedding dress that will surely be on-trend this year. This style will be perfect for couples choosing courthouses over overly-designed churches and reception areas since these styles can range from a little white dress to lace jumpsuits.


The cottagecore aesthetic is arguably the biggest design trend of 2020, from fashion to interior design, and this year’s weddings will continue that grand tradition. This is a more romantic and English countryside take on the boho wedding gown, and it’s a look that’s reminiscent of the agricultural and pastoral lifestyle but chic and stylish. You can achieve this by going for a silhouette that’s more on the loose side, cotton fabrics, and Little House on the Prairie-type patterns.

Bridal jumpsuits

If you’re tired of wearing skirts, you can opt for a white or cream-colored jumpsuit or pantsuit. Brides will love this trend this 2021 since it veers away from the traditional—and we’re not exactly having a traditional year.

Before going to the store, it’s best to settle on the theme you want for the wedding first. It will help you narrow down your list of options and will help you decide from a pool of styles that are already available. Congratulations and best wishes!


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