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Fashion Accessories: Choosing the Right Jewelry for Your Style

Accessories make or break an entire outfit. The right jewelry can enhance the overall effect of the apparel. Meanwhile, bad choices for accessories ruin even the most expensive clothes making them look shabby and cheap. However, we make bad choices in our selection of jewelry, especially during busy or bad days. Sometimes, we are in a hurry to catch the train or meet the person outside our apartments to notice if our jewelry matches our clothes.

If you lead a busy lifestyle, consider this article a guide to help you accessorize smartly to avoid the fashion blunder you will regret later on.

Size and scale of the jewelry matter.

Small pieces of jewelry may hardly be noticeable when wearing a gown. So what’s the point of wearing it in the first place? Huge jewelry, on the other hand, maybe too overbearing, clunky, and out-of-place in that it will rob everyone’s attention.

Carefully select your jewelry in such a way that they are neither too small nor too bulky for the entire outfit. In general, small and simple jewelry may go well with patterned outfits. If you are in the mood for plain-colored clothes without prints, large jewelry may accentuate the entire outfit.

In your everyday blouse-and-jeans outfit, consider wearing thick bangles or bib necklaces. For a formal look, consider small and simple jewelry.

The jewelry should blend in well with the outfit.

Looking like a rainbow is something that we dreaded the most. To avoid this, one should ensure that the jewelry matches the outfit. You can never go wrong with gold and silver jewelry as they match all outfits of all colors and shades. Still in doubt about your choice? Use a color wheel and choose the jewelry that belongs to the same color family of the outfit. If you want to use the jewelry as an accent, consider opposing colors in the color wheel. When wearing a multi-colored skirt, the jewelry should have one of the colors in the skirt. You will only do this if you want to make the accessory stand out more.  Talking about fashion jewelry of different colors, shops like Kravit Jewelers provide only the best quality accessories.

Be clear on the style that you want to project.


Are you going out to a party? Are your clothes for an important meeting in the office? Do you want to pull a classic or street style in our outfit? Do you want to go for punk or emo-inspired clothes? Determining your style will set the tone and direction of your overall outfit and its corresponding jewelry.

Want to look professional and respectable? Consider using simple jewelry, possibly made of gold and silver. It should not be overbearing such as stud earrings and a simple necklace. For a classic look, take a pearl necklace or diamond earrings. If you want to be loud and create a statement, try a chunky, colorful necklace.

Your skin tone counts a lot.

Jewelry should highlight your beauty, not emphasize your imperfections. If you have a cool skin tone, consider light or white metals such as gold, platinum, and silver. On the other hand, jewelry made of gold will make a warm skin tone stand out. Other metals for people with a warm skin tone are copper, brass, and rose gold.

Don’t forget to consider necklines.

Necklaces are basic pieces of jewelry on any occasion. The most common way to test if the necklace fits the outfit is to look at the clothes’ neckline. The key is to create a balanced look even with the addition of the necklace.

Going to a party with a strapless dress or tube top? A chunky choker, a necklace that has a shorter length, would be perfect. Off-shoulder shirts or one-sleeved dresses would look best when you put on thick, dangly necklaces. Just make sure the color matches the color of the clothing. Wearing a turtleneck shirt? Wear it with a necklace with a larger pendant. Shirts or dresses with low-neck, on the other hand, would look good with shorter chains.

Jewelry and clothes should go hand in hand in making you look gorgeous. Take time to look yourself in the mirror before wearing jewelry. Not all expensive jewelry match well with your outfit. When in doubt, ask another person’s opinion to look at your outfit on that day. You can also find samples of outfits and accessories online for inspiration. However, although it is good to experiment, consider if the jewelry contributes to your desired style and fashion statement. Also, consider the occasion where you will be wearing the outfit.


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